Impact Sites over the World

BARRINGER CRATER, also known as METOR-CRATER,  Arizona, USA.

This 1,2km crater is where the scientific community has entered in the era of impact crater as a geological process, with the pioneering works of Eugene Shoemaker in 1960. This also where cultural, educational and touristic valorization of terrestrial impact craters has started with the installing on site, of the Meteor Crater Visitor Center in the mid-1960’s. The latter receives several hundred thousand visitors each year, but also scholars, students, researchers, and astronauts (as part of their training program).

Over the past few months The Barringer Crater Company has been updating its website that remarkably documents and illustrates our purpose.

This page will be progressively developed. It highlights initiatives of particular interest towards scientific, educational, cultural, economic and other valorization of terrestrial impacts craters, while making these intriguing “geo-planetary” heritages available to the humanity and to future generations