Rochechouart at the 82th “Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society”, Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan

Organized each year, this conference together with the « Lunar & Planetary Science Conference » is the annual “Rendez-Vous”of the specialist of impact cratering and terrestrial impact crater since le 60’s. It is the opportunity to present their latest results to the community. This year, 2 presentations on Rocchechouart by CIRIR members were presented :

“MISSION TO ROCHECHOUART” PROJECT: A REVIEW. P. Lambert1 and CIRIR Consortium2- 1CIRIR-Center for International Research and Restitution on Impacts and on Rochechouart-87600 Rochechouart-France,,

A SURVEY OF ZIRCON MICROTEXTURES IN THE ROCHECHOUART IMPACTITES A. Plan1 , P. Lindgren1, P. Lambert2.1Lunds University, Department of Geology, Sölvegatan 12, 223 62, Lund, Sweden, email: 2CIRIR – Center for international Research and Restitution on Impacts and onRochechouart, 87600 Rochechouart, France

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