INTERNATIONAL Congress-Festival – CIRIR 2022

28 June – 03 July 2022 – Rochechouart, France.


  1. To give the opportunity to the CIRIR members to meet in person and to exchange in a supportive environment, and especially to strengthen ties between the two branches of the CIRIR (Research and Restitution), where most activists have never met and do not know each other.
  2. To create and/or develop links with the local communities, to make the event, our discipline, our group, visible and attractive for the public at large.


The proposed event is without equivalent in the world of congresses, as in that of festivals. It is distinguished both on the merits and by its object. It is centered and carried, both by its geographical location and by its object, on the ASTEROIDS, and more precisely on their impact(s), both scientifically, biologically and geologically, and culturally, socially, artistic and economic.

It is therefore not surprising that the date chosen for this event, of which it will be the first, is centered on June 30. Why June 30 you may ask ! Well, because it is “ASTEROID DAY“. It is the commemoration of a natural event, the fall of an asteroid which exploded before touching the ground in Siberia at the beginning of the 20th century…. If this event did not cause any casualties, it is because it hit an uninhabited area. If it had happened over a major capital like New York, London, Paris or Rome, it would have left behind a field of ruin that would have looked like Hiroshima and claimed hundreds of thousands of lives… It reminds us that the risk exists, and will exist.

And which organisation, in France, and world wide, is better than CIRIR to talk about it, to publicize the phenomenon and the repercussions it may have had as well as to take advantage of the repercussions it has and those it could have had… (Without wishing that one of these objects fall on our heads, argument of an American dramatic comedy written and directed by Adam McKay, released in 2021).

ICF-CIRIR 2022 mixes “science”, popular celebration and natural/cultural/historical heritage. It brings together experts from around the world and the general public at the same time as it draws attention to the diversity and richness of the heritage of this once remote territory which is now under the spotlight thanks to this “asteroid impact” and the international mobilization that make it known and shine.


ICF-CIRIR 2022 is conceived and organised as an “all-inclusive cruise” FOR THE Congres participants do not have to worry about anything except their transportation to Rochechouart or to Angouleme TGV station (direct from Charles de Gaulle airport). They are embarking and staying all together, in the middle of an ocean of nature, surrounded by greenery and lakes…, favouring exchanges, fun and/or rest and relaxation.

Stopovers are organized at different place every evening giving the opportunity to the participants to meet and interact with the public and local representatives as well as discovering the cultural, historical and architectural assets of the local areas.

Those who will make the trip should not be disappointed. The place of stay should contribute to it as well as the associated events. Our “ship” is an authentic 18th century village, entirely at our disposal. We will be distributed among the different houses of the village, all made of stone of course, (mainly crystalline target rocks, and some impactites (corner stones and lintels).

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The premises are fully furnished. They are village houses, all with small private gardens and all modern comforts.

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As part of this “vacation”, it will of course be about “working”, moving forward on our topics, discovering others during the technical sessions, and meeting new people. Since its creation in 2016, the CIRIR has grown a lot both in number of members and in skills. These sessions will involve strengthening our ties, taking stock of who is who and who does what in the two branches that makes up the CIRIR, the “historical” branch of Research and the more recent Restitution branch which begins to spread.

The technical sessions are taken place in the afternoons (from 1pm to 3:15pm and to 3:30pm to 6pm). They mix the presentations of both the “Research” and the “Restitution” teams.

I insist on the fact that unlike a classic congress, it is not a question of limiting ourselves to the presentation of “results”, but also of presenting ideas and projects with the aim of nourishing and promoting them and gaining support and audience.

Oral communications and posters will be on the program. Posters will be displayed for the duration of the event. They will also be visible online on our website.

Morning activities will be free and / or organized on specific theme upon request, depending on the means available and the participants. They could include mini geological field visits, geological walks in town (Rochechouart, Pressignac, Chassenon), visit of the Archaeological Park of Cassinomagus, of the Contemporary Art Museum and Rochechouart Castle, of the impact museum at “Maison de la Réserve”, and of the CIRIR facilities…

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Rochechouart Castle

An on-going breakfast buffet (from breakfast to brunch to lunch) will be available from 7am to 12:30pm every day. You could eat in the gardens, terraces and other common areas of the village, or in the privacy of each accomodation, as you wish.

We will be having dinner with the public as part of the “Festival” evenings organised each night in a different town/city located in the Rochechouart Impact Crater.

For those interested, I propose to organize a “field trip” following the congress. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested.

Carrière de Champagnac
Carrière de Champagnac

Finally, if some of you wants to take the opportunity, I can also organize a “sample selection party”, following the event. I remind you that sampling the cores from the drillings in the sites of the Reserve is subject to prior approval of the scientific council of the Reserve. CIRIR provides assistance with the paperwork. Yet it takes some time and cannot be done during the stay. Core screening does not require prior approval and you can stay as long as you like at the CIRIR sample library. Please let me know as soon as possible if you want to combine a stay at the CIRIR facility with your participation to the congress.

We are counting on your indulgence with the organization. It should be nice but not comparable to 5-stars accommodation and Michelin 3 stars meals. We will likely experience technical difficulties with the internet and more. But we will adapt and with your support and that of the local CIRIR partners, I am convinced that we will make this event a memorable experience that we will want to repeat.


The “Festival” part of the ICF is co-organised by CIRIR and the local communities. More information will be available soon.


The ICF-CIRIR 2022 has received the generous financial support of the Barringer Crater Company and of The Meteoritical Society.

The fundamental purpose of the Barringer Crater Company is to preserve and promote The Barringer Meteorite Crater for scientific research, education and the inspiration of the public.

The Meteoritical Society is an international organization dedicated to the promotion of research and education in planetary science with emphasis on the studies of meteorites and other extraterrestrial materials that further our understanding of the origin of the solar system

The Barringer Crater Company