Conference Schedule


10h00-16h00– Registration and discovery of the area. Settling and enjoying the “company”

17h00 – Conference Room- Welcome and Introduction to the ICF-CIRIR 2022- Details of the programme



(Conference room)

Session 1- June 29, 2022- Rochechouart impact

Session 2- June 30, 2022– Other Terrestrial impacts

Session 3- July 1, 2022– Impacts / Geoheritage/ Cultural Heritage/ Arts and means for making any “World Heritage” attractive and profitable to the public.

Session 4- July 2, 2022– Other Research and Restitution related to asteroids and impacts (Meteoritics, Extraterrestrial ressources, Planetary defense, Origin of Life, Habitability of planets).


9h30– 10h45 – Conference room-Return of experience on the event and future of the CIRIR

10h45 – 11h00 – Group Photo and Good bye

11h30 – Check out time for the lodging. Departure of the shuttle to Angoulême TGV Railroad station

CONGRESS – Conference Program
June 29th-11:00 – Brunch Invited Lecture : DART HERA – NASA/ESA Mission by Patrick Michel


P. Michel. Univ. Côte d’Azur, Obs. de la Côte d’Azur, CNRS, Lagrange, Nice, France (

Dr. Patrick Michel is the Principal Investigator of the ESA Hera mission and the lead of the team Theories and Observations in Planetology (TOP) at the Laboratory Lagrange/CNRS of the Côte d’Azur Observatory in Nice, France. With more than 200 publications in peer-reviewed international journals, he is Director of Research at CNRS and acts as project manager and Coordinator of the European Union H2020 funded NEO-MAPP project. He leads or highly contributes to research projects and space missions devoted to asteroid science and defense, such as OSIRIS-REx (NASA), Hayabusa2 and MMX (JAXA). He is also co-chair of the cooperation AIDA involving scientists on both NASA DART and ESA Hera, is President of the Near-Earth Object Working of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) and a member of the steering committee of the International Asteroid Warning Network (IAWN). His research includes studies of the collisional process between small bodies, the origin and dynamical evolution of Near-Earth Objects, their physical properties and their response to impacts, tidal effects, spin-up and shaking. He was awarded the NASA Silver Achievement Medal, the international Paolo Farinella Prize 2013 for his contribution to the collisional process, the Carl Sagan Medal of the American Division of Planetary Science for his excellence in public communication and the Prize Young Researcher 2006 of the French Society of Astronomy & Astrophysics. The asteroid 7156 Patrickmichel named after him by the IAU.

June 29th-13:00 – Session n°1 – Rochechouart Impact
June 29th 2022Time
Session 1Rochechouart Impact
LambertShort Intro to the session and to the Rochechouart impact structure13:00
PohlGeophysics 1, Gravity signature – Poster Announcement –
Quesnel et al.Geophysics 2, Magnetics –
Quesnel et al.Geophysics 3, Electrical resistivity –
Lofi et al.Geophysics 4, downhole logging-drillings –
Niang et al.Geophysics 5, gamma spectrometry (surface and depth) –
Ormö et al.Ocean impact, target environment –
Simpson et al.Isotopes, Champagnac impactites –
Dehais et al.Melting, mixing-
Faucher et al.Non-conventional isotopes –
Guerrero et al.zircon dating –
Shteynmann et al.zircon/reidite microstructures –
Kaskes et al. Suevites and impactoclastites –
Wittmann and LambertImpact spherules –
LambertRochechouart Size, Shape, Age, Environment –
End of the session16:45
Festival – Departure for ICF opening in Rochechouart17:15
ICF public gran opening: see details at “ICF-Festival”18:00
June 30th-13:00 – Session n°2 – Other terrestrial Impacts
June 30th 2022Other terrestrial Impacts
Session 2
Gulick et al.Overview about Chicxulub Peak ring drilling –
Le Ber et alChicxulub peak ring: porosity and permeability –
Kaskes et alChicxulub Suevite –
Feignon et al.Chicxulub Meteoritic component –
Metsana-Oussaid et al.The K/T transition in Algeria : New Biostratigraphic and Biochronological datas –
SprayManicouagan review –
Hopkins and SprayShock melt veins from Manicouagan –
Huber et al.Vredefort Granophyre –
Soro et al.Ivory Coast tektites – setting –
Rochette et alIvory Coast tektites –
Losiak et alProximal ejectas at very small impact crater –
Steinhausser et al.Vigie-Cratère –
End of the session16:25
Festival -Departure for the Asteroid day event in Confolens17:00
ICF “Asteroid day'” public event: see details at “ICF-Festival”18:00
July 1st-13:00 – Session n°3 – Heritage-Geoheritage, Conservation and Valorisation
July 1st 2022Heritage-Geoheritage, Conservation and Valorization
Session 3
De WeverGeoheritage (focussing on the French Inventory process) –
Steinhausser et al.Vigie-Terre (an “accessory” related to the previous talk that is applicable worldwide) –
Zanda et al.Vigie-Ciel – citizen sciences related to meteorite recovery –
Bonté et al.Numerical and geoheritage –
Reimold + HauserThe terrestrial impact geoheritage and its Geoconservation – 14:10
PoupartRochechouart impact Geoconservation : National Natural Reserve –
Mangold et al.Astronaut training at Ries impact –
Lambert et al.Astronaut Training at Rochechouart impact –
Ciacciofera et al.Step by step- revolving around the events of the Rochechouart asteroid considered as a creative act –
GalassiBorn from the Earth (Arts) –
Siekierska et al.Planetarian Art –
End of the session15:55
Festival -Departure for the Heritage event16:20
ICF invited at the Contemporary Art exhibit opening in Rochechouart17:00
Festival -Departure for the Geoheritage evening show in Saint Junien20:00
ICF “Geoheritage'” public event: see details at “ICF-Festival”20:30
July 2nd-13:00 – Session n°4 – Meteorites and other Impact related processes in the Solar System
July 2nd 2022
Session 4Meteorites and other Impact related Processes in the Solar System
BrackImpacts and the Origin of Life –
Timoumi et al.Astrobiology-Biomarkers –
Sharp et al.Ar-Ar in shocked meteorites –
Hewins et al.Shock melt in martian basalt –
Kerraouch et al.Aguas Zarcas meteorite –
Ferrière et al.Meteorite Hall at NHM Vienna –
Colas et al.FRIPON-Fireball track network –
Baratoux et al.Planetary Science in Africa –
End of the session15:05
The whole congress ICF-Review and prospects… General discussion15:25
End of the session16:25
Festival -Departure for the Gallo-Roman feast of CERES in Cassinomagus17:15
ICF “CERES'” public event: see details at “ICF-Festival”18:00

CONGRESS-FESTIVAL – Scientific Committee
Baratoux D.Pr., University of Toulouse et IRD AbidjanFrance /Ivory Coast
De Wever P.Pr., National Natural History Museum, ParisFrance
Koeberl C.Pr., University of ViennaAustria
Lambert P.Dr., CIRIR-RochechouartFrance
Laskar J.Pr., Observatory of ParisFrance
Lebreton J.P.Pr., Observatory of Paris/University of OrléansFrance
Rochette P.Pr., University of Aix-MarseilleFrance
Reimold U.Pr., University of BrasiliaBrazil
Schwenzer S.P.Pr., Open University, Milton KeynesUK
Spray J.Pr., New-Brunswick University, FrederictonCanada
FESTIVAL – Public Events : Program (free and no registration required unless further notice)

Social gathering, panel discussions on the topics of the Symposium with CIRIR guest speakers.

Dinner and entertainment with the public

Extra Events – Post-Conference Field trip and/or Core Sample Screening Party

For those interested, a 2 days “field trip” and / or a “core sample screening party” (duration open) will start on July 4th. Program and duration will be adjusted according to the interest of participants. Possibility of accommodation during these events against payment at local hotels, or for free at CIRIR, subject to availability and considering student need. If you are interested in the field trip and/or the sample screening party, please contact us as soon as possible.