Objectives, Method & Limits

The objectives of the CIRIR are twofold:

  1. To promote and valorize the WORLD scientific heritage represented by the Rochechouart impact
  2. To « translate » this richness and to transform it into a resource valuable for the public at large and for the humanity.

The central “R” of CIRIR acronym thus relates to its twofold objectives and tasks : RESEARCH & RESTITUTION (“Center for International Research and Restitution on Impacts and on Rochechouart).


The methodology is simple and can be seen as a twostep « global snow ball process »:

  1. Mobilizing the world scientific community for data mining the fundamental geological and biological processes recorded on site (with the help of the territory, population and sponsors for providing the support to the visiting scientists, students and for installing the site as International Natural Laboratory).
  2. Utilizing the « moment of inertia » created by the launch of the first step for triggering the mobilization of the world of education and the public at large, with the input of the population, medias, public authorities, academia, and more…, for contributing and being part of WHAT IS A HUMAN ADVENTURE, on our way to exploring our origins and the emergence of life in the Solar System and beyond, all this less than 4h from Paris…


The whole exercise relies on a single instrinsic variable, the “value” of this natural site. All the rest can be adjusted. It depends on us, on our ability to invest ourselves, to combine forces, to take advantage of this resource and to share the benefits. The site is at the level or the objective, as already demonstrated by the size and quality of the CIRIR scientific team and program. Will we be at the level too? That is all the beauty of the exercise that we propose to tackle collectively and that we propose for support by the UNESCO.