Geophysical Picnic

Imagined by the CIRIR with the assistance of the Cassinomagus Archaeological Park, the event in question is a continuation of the scientific picnic which was held last August in Chassenon. It participates in the joint enhancement of the geological and archaeological heritage and in the development of the territory and the New Aquitaine region as a whole, in relation to the impact of the kilometric asteroid which fell in its center 200 years ago. millions of years,
junction of the 3 former regions that compose it. At the end of the international geophysics internship hosted by the CIRIR from September 25, 2021, half a dozen professors and twenty students in their 4th year of university came to put into practice, on our national astroblem, the main underground prospecting techniques, will picnic with you, Friday noon, October 1, at the Cassinomagus Archaeological Park and will answer all your questions:

• Why are they interested in this territory?
• What tools do they use?
• What did they learn?
• Why did they choose this discipline?
• What path did they follow?

For those who are interested, the picnic will continue at 2 p.m., by reservation, with a guided tour of the thermal baths, or alternatively, with a geological walk (about 1h30) from the thermal baths, to one of the nearby geological sites, on which our speakers worked (sanitary pass NOT requested). It will also be possible to visit by reservation, at 4:30 p.m., the CIRIR facilities in Rochechouart and its “impact on the shelf” sample library, unique in the world.

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