CIRIR also targets the public in the broadest sense at both the national and the international level. In the field of bio-geo-planetology related to impacts, CIRIR foresees the installation of an international network of experts and means similar to that installed for Sciences, yet specialized in “communicating with the public” and in the production and the dissemination of entertaining materials and innovative supports with the premise of “friendly scientific education and training” of the public in the broadest sense. The objective proposed by CIRIR is to promote and encourage the attraction and the participation of the children and the general public in SCIENCES, following the adventure of CIRIR and its collaborators and even embarking with them, for exploring our world and our origins. How do science and scientists proceed?;  how their understanding develops, combining naturalist and analytical approaches?; how do they use and develop “curiosity” and “creativity” and train their brains to think more efficiently?; how do they learn to think better (when properly declared, any problem is already ½ solved…), what rationales and methodologies ?…

….. All this, together with the philosophical-ethical dimension of the questions attached to their quest, even the “esthetical and artistic” dimension of both the “matter” they work with (nature and natural processes), and the “beauty” of the fraternity at the global scale it takes them to progress and to make humanity  progress…; all this would be the “argument” of a kind of permanent and renewed scientifico-cultural reality show, delivered to the public at large by CIRIR and its network worldwide, via experts, “modern” medias and technologies for making a better world via a better humanity.


Legend : In 1969, the Boulesteix family living in Fonceveranne (tiny village of Charente) made a major contribution to impact science and to Rochechouart impact by guiding geologist F. Kraut and B. French to a lost outcrop in their property that turned out to be the first occurence of shatter-cones confirming the extraterrestrial origin of Rochechouart structure interpreted before as volcanic.


Legend : Mme Boulesteix still living in Fontceveranne with her son holding the photo shot by B. French spouse 48 years before, in company of P. Lambert during the 2017 drilling campaign